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Charges & Due Dates

Rates and Charges

Each monthly bill includes a Customer Charge. As long as you have an active account you will be charged this flat-fee every month in addition to your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage. The Energy Charge (kWh) is then added. These two charges combined are what make up a basic light bill. There is no tax for residential service.

Deposit amounts are determined by your credit rating. Deposits held by EED remain the property of the customer. Deposits are refunded when service is terminated with EED. Interest is paid on deposits.

Trip Fees are charged whenever EED must come to your residence to either connect service, disconnect service because of non-payment, or for collection purposes. A fee is charged for each trip. Same-day service requests are charged at a higher rate, and must be made before noon. Reconnection trips increase after 4:00 PM. EED does not collect money after regular business hours. If you are disconnected for non-payment and do not make payment before 5:00 PM, you must wait until the next business day for reconnection. Payment must include all trip fees.

Never break the seal on your meter for any reason. Never try to set or remove a meter yourself. If we discover a cut seal, you will be charged for Tampering. Other charges may also apply. Remember: the voltage at the meter can kill or seriously injure you with a single touch.

Checks written to EED that are returned for non-sufficient funds will result in a Returned Check fee. If we receive two returned checks within a 12 month period, EED will only accept payments by cash, credit cards, or money orders.

Due Dates

EED divides its distribution area into twenty-four different control zones. When you receive your first bill there will be a due date posted in the Due Date for Current Bill box. This due date will not change from month to month unless you move to a new location in our system.

After the due date a Late Fee equal to five percent of your current bill is applied. You have ten days from the due date to pay your current month’s bill. If not paid within the ten-day grace period, your electric service is subject to disconnection without further notice other than those warnings printed on your statement bill. If any previous balance is shown on your statement, you are already subject to disconnection. If you cannot pay your account in full before the cut-off date, please contact our Customer Accounts office. We will work with you to keep your lights on (within reason).