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New Account Procedure

Setting Up a New Account

Each customer will be required to show two (2) forms of government issued identification when applying for service. One MUST be a picture ID.Renters desiring electric service must present to EED a copy of any lease agreements and/or rental agreements signed by the property owner/landlord.

Homeowners desiring electric service must present EED a copy of deed or proof of ownership.Deposit and connection fees are due at the time of application.

Deposits are required of all customers.

The amount of the deposit is determined by the credit risk posed by the potential customer. The risk is determined by running credit histories on customers before establishment of service with EED.

Deposits range from $100.00 to $325.00 for residential accounts

Commercial Accounts

A deposit, letter of credit or surety bond is required of any customer before electric service is supplied.The minimum deposit for any commercial customer shall be $150.00.

New Connection Charges

Before service is connected, the customer will be required to pay a charge of not less than $20.00 along with their deposit. Same day service cannot be guaranteed. When same day service is requested, a charge of $40.00 must be paid by the customer. This service must be applied for by 2:00 PM and must be a standard turn on for an existing residence and not a construction.