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Scheduled Tree Trimming

Trimming (vegetation control) is performed on a continuous rotating schedule. Each year new circuits are scheduled. You may Click this map link to see an overview of this years trim area.

The circuits from year 2019 trimming still being completed are as follows,

  • Hatcher Lane 214 leading from the Elizabethton Electric Office to Gap Creek rd. Then northward to Marry Patton Highway intersection, and southward along Gap Creek road past Loveless Rd. This includes taps running out Big springs, Bob Little Rd.  Colonial Acres, Jim -Elliott rd., Marian Branch rd. and Earl Taylor Rd.
  • Winner 274 running from Reno Lane westerly toward Elizabethton along Stony Creek Rd to Rex Shown Rd. this includes taps for Danner Rd., Price Rd., Little Stony Creek Rd., George Bowers.
  • Winner 264 running from Reno Lane Southward to C Grindstaff Rd., to include Willow Springs, Nave Hollow. Bishop Hollow and Wilbur Dam Road.
  • Winner 284 running from Reno Lane north eastward to Ao Buckles rd., Holston Mountain tap, along with all side roads joining back to stony Creek Highway.
  • Winner 294 running from Ao Buckles Rd to the end of Elizabethton Electric System Line past Laurel Hollow Rd., To include all side roads from Stoney Creek Rd.

The circuits for year 2020 trimming to begin July are as follows,

  • Hampton 224 Feeder, from Hampton to Valley forge then NE out Siam to Woodland and SW out Long and Jenkins Hollow to Green Acres.
  • Hampton 234 Feeder, from HWY 321 southward to Doeriver Gorge
  • Hampton 244 Feeder, from Crook St. south through Rittertown to Browns Branch and South westerly Gap Creek to Sciota.
  • Hampton 254 Feeder, from substation North East to Lakeshore and South East to Dennis Cove.
  • Okolona 264 Feeder, Feeds Old Buffalo, Rock House, Laurels and Toll Branch roads.