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Builders & Contractors


  1. Acquire 911 Address by calling Carter County Emergency Communication District at 423-543-0911.
  2. Notifies the Elizabethton Electrical Engineering Department concerning the exchange of information regarding the proposed project.
  3. If (3) phase service is requested, the customer or contractor will be furnished w/a non residential service request form to be completed and returned to the Engineering Dept.
  4. The non residential service request form will give to developer a place to feel in contact information, service size, voltage required , type of equipment to be serviced, etc.
  5. One of the most critical bits of information needed from the customer is a total connected load and the estimated demand provided in KVA. (kilo volt amps).This information will allow our Dept. to accurately size the transformers needed.
  6. A field visit can be scheduled between the Developer and Electric Dept. personal to discuss and resolve issues concerning line relocations etc.
  7. The Electric Dept. will provide cost estimates if any to the Developer for there consideration.

Instructions on New Service Requirements

  • Modular Homes
  • New Construction Temporary
  • Permanent Service Served by Temporary