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Elizabethton Electric Department has 26,391 customers, 820 miles of lines covering 129 square miles, 9 substations and over $102,508,000 in assets in four counties and four cities and towns.

This past year, total sales were 503,317,298 KWH for gross power sales of $51,577,126 with 3.65% average transmission loss rate.

We paid TVA a total of $39,299,199 in power purchases.

The average residential monthly usage is 1,292 KWH at $0.0851 per KWH with an average monthly bill of $110.00.

The customer base of residential compared to commercial accounts can be viewed from three perspectives (ratio of customers; ratio of KWH used; and ratio of dollars billed):

  • The ratio of customers is 87.35% residential to 12.65% commercial customers.
  • The ratio per KWH used is 63.8% residential to 36.2% commercial.
  • The ratio per dollars billed is 63.1% residential to 36.9% commercial.

For the Tax year 2009, Elizabethton Electric Department paid a total of $1,906,617 in lieu of property taxes to the counties of Carter, Unicoi, Washington, Sullivan; the cities of Elizabethton and Johnson City; and town of Watauga.

The Operations Department has 37 full time employees. The City Finance Department has 10 employees who spend the majority of their time in providing financial support for the Electric Department.