Services - Builders and Contractors


  • Acquire 911 Address by calling Carter County Emergency Communication District at 423-543-0911.
  • Notifies the Elizabethton Electrical Engineering Department concerning the exchange of information regarding the proposed project.
  • If (3) phase service is requested, the customer or contractor will be furnished w/a non residential service request form to be completed and returned to the Engineering Dept.
  • The non residential service request form will give to developer a place to feel in contact information, service size, voltage required , type of equipment to be serviced, etc.
  • One of the most critical bits of information needed from the customer is a total connected load and the estimated demand provided in KVA. (kilo volt amps).This information will allow our Dept. to accurately size the transformers needed.
  • A field visit can be scheduled between the Developer and Electric Dept. personal to discuss and resolve issues concerning line relocations etc.
  • The Electric Dept. will provide cost estimates if any to the Developer for there consideration.


Commercial Service Request Form


Elizabethton Engineering Department
400 Hatcher Lane, Elizabethton, TN 37643
Fax : 423-542-1108
Telephone : 423-547-8660

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